hello there.

Just like the title of this post, hello to “you”. Being really honest with the person reading this right now,  really wasn’t expecting myself to get inspired by someone’s blog and then make (like literally within few seconds, an attempt to start a blog), oh well hey that’s me; the girl who makes impromptu plans whenever she feels like.

I did like writing once, or maybe that’s why people often say “when you go through a breakup, it becomes easier to spill words or thoughts”.  I personally agree to this statement haha. Every breakup is surely different in it’s own special way and seriously not crying after a breakup, doesn’t make you “a strong person” it’s more like clouding all your inner thoughts and someday when you have to break that chest of dark guarded emotions, it’ll definitely break you as a person. (& honestly why do that?)  (applies to both guys and girls ) So, coming back to myself, I wrote a lot last year and kinda felt myself attached to it at some point of time, but then as the months flew by  I found myself changing & so did priorities. So what happened to writing? well uhh I thought I needed time and space to internalize everything which has happened so far and kept writing to another day & ta daa here it is.

Here’s a picture of me (one of my favorite ones) which one of my talented friends helped to take. You really can’t see my face here, that’s cause I’m more comfortable behind the camera and yes wouldn’t shy away from saying, that I’m pretty self-conscious.


I’m back, and as cliché as it sounds, never felt more amazing and TBH ‘feelin this year’. When I initially thought of starting a blog, I’ve always wanted my *introduction* to be long and filled with bursts of random thoughts. I’m that sorta person, who writes on and on.

And when you finally finish reading this post, I really hope (you) get to know me more as a friend and not as a random stranger who talks super long. Really don’t know how this blog is going to turn up but I’ll really try popping two posts every month? Or maybe three 😉

Till then,

the girl who is a bit unsure of how this whole thing works x