what do I think of this quote?

A while ago for my history class, I came across this interesting text on the birth of Hatshepsut. A few things to note before-hand would be

(a) Khum- one of the earliest Egyptian gods
(b) Amun- often called as king of gods

The quote,which I found particularly interesting was-

Khnum spoke in addition, “I form you with this divine body . . . I have come to you to form you completely as all gods (Kings), give to you all life and prosperity, give to you enduring and joy . . . and give to you all health, deliver to you all flat lands and all mountain lands as well as all subjects, give to you every food and nourishment and cause that you appear on the throne of Horus like (the sun god) Re (himself). I cause that you stand as the head of all the living when you appear as king of Upper and Lower Egypt. Thus as your father Amun-Re who loves you has commanded it.”


As the quote describes the gods forming Hatshepsut with a divine body and furthermore lists the godly-gifts created within her, does it imply that the gods, particularly Khnum and Amun could’ve already made a prediction that there will be a phase in ancient Egypt, when a female pharaoh will rule Egypt and bring along flourishing success?

In class, we learnt that most of ancient Egyptian rulers consisted of men holding the title of a Pharaoh. Could this also mean that the gods may’ve wanted to create Hatshepsut with more gifts (which is described in the quote) in a way to equate the strength to a male-child who becomes a Pharaoh?

Another sentence which I found particularly interesting is the second last towards the end of the quote, which describes Hatshepsut appearing as the king of upper and lower Egypt rather than the gods referring to her a queen. Was this probably due to the belief that only men were considered ideal rulers?