Once a time.

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Across the blue river,
Where fences are painted with streaks of red and white,
I still see you crossing the bridge.

The river separates our lands,
One for the elites
The other for the lonely and the forgotten

The bridge was used once upon a time,
By lone travellers crossing
Under the cover of darkness

Many lost their lives
Many have tripped and tumbled down
Many tried to escape

The river continued its journey
Sound of gushing of water reverberated
Angrily obstructing the traveller’s path.

I can still see your shadow crossing the lonesome bridge,
Wearing a shabby red sweater,
Your eyes seemed to be searching for someone on the bridge,
Your hair was cut in a strange old-fashioned way.

I still vividly remember that splash of water after you jumped
I wish I could have done something for you.
I still carry the guilt within me every time when I look pass the river.

Across the blue river,
I still see your shadow
Crossing the war torn bridge every night.